Thursday, August 26, 2010

i lOve buttOns! (giveaway!)

i am a huge button fan, to the point where i should of probably named my blog pretty little paper love with buttons.  my selection is getting low and well i need to restock it, so my mom has this HUGE button collection that she's had for over 20yrs and some of them are from the 1950's... so every year when i go to visit i get a gallon size bag full... the only problem is that it's only august and i won't be going up until next spring!  so thankfully she's flying in after labor day and already asked her if she could bring me some!!!  so in celebration of early spring buttons I wanted to give away a bag of buttons, not a zip loc but a fair amount :D So if you'd like some buttons then leave me a comment & I'll draw 2 winners and share some vintage buttons!!!  follow me too if you aren't already!!!  :D


  1. BUTTONS! I need buttons, lots of buttons, I love buttons. I use them in nearly everything I make.
    Please enter me in your giveaway.

  2. buttons galore! Gosh, I love buttons too :D

  3. I have a great collection of buttons, some even from my grandmother. They're so pretty, and so useful for paper crafts.

  4. I would love some buttons...thank you! Count me in, please!

  5. I love buttons too..please do enter me....and thanks for visitng me today....I will add a direct link from my blog to followers pool is blum full....I love them all I think...

    hope to see the freeze pop covers soon....