Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday's Creation

As I sit here and upload & edit these picutres of what I made this evening, I just realized that infact it is NOT Friday but Saturday... so not that it matters!  I created this tonight from a balsa wood mini dresser that I picked up at JoAnns for $5.  I sanded, sealed, gesso, crackled and then pinked it to get the base color (got all that??) then I used distress inks & chalk to get the brown distressing.  I picked up some purdy K & Company paper for the drawers, stamped some music notes on it for a little extra and then I decopauged it all with some fun vintage stuff from K&Co and The Girl's Paperie that I had.  And of course with the final touches of buttons & bling that I put on everything we have the finished project!  I had a lot of fun making this tonight and it only took me about 3 hours with a break to watch the wicked storm that came through!  I'm happy with it!  Now on to find something to make tomorrow!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a GORGEOUS piece of crafting this is! I love all the papers you used and just look at those embellishments. It's just beautiful! Have a great Sunday!!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, ~Ira

  2. That is lovely!!!
    Jorden from swapbot

  3. I love the things you've done! Everything is so cute and pretty! Adore those!

    Anni (jekkuanni swap-bot)

  4. That mini dresser is just awesome! You are so talented. I will enjoy following you and look forward to future posts.

    Jill (Swap-bot/jillysstuff2010)

  5. What an inspiring creation! I love the pink! So happy to have found your blog!

    faizazarin from swap-bot

  6. Wow! I wouldn't come up with something like that, but it is really wonderfull!

    [Blog me up baby - a blogger follower swap!]

  7. You did a great job on this I love love love it!!!! I will definetly be following your blog to see what else you do!!!

    Craftymom85-Blog me up baby

  8. Very crafty! Love your blog! Danajeanward from swap-bot

  9. it's beautiful Mindy! I love the whole feel of the piece! What are you going to store in it? Good to be in touch again! maybe we should do a matchbox swap again soon eh?

    xoxo Tarah/MissThundercat
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  10. I love this. You are talented!!!! Wonderful!

    I am HayleyK from Swap-Bot!

  11. your stuff is very creative!!!

  12. Wonderful creativity! Now I have an idea for how to use some of my stickers!


    "Blog me up baby"
    Username: StickerLady

  13. This is very beautiful! You're so talented!!
    I'm Ichigoshortcake from swapbot! Im following u as honeybear1 just incase haha! (Links to this blog) xx

  14. This is so inspiring! I want to cover/bling my old recipe box. This has given me so many ideas! :)

    (beth619 from Swap-Bot stopping by to check out your blog and say "hello!")