Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cutest Little Kisses Gifts

I love making these every year!  They make the cutest little add ons!  I picked up this stamp a few years back and I just love it, it's a A Muse stamp.  It's perfect for these little Hershey Kisses gift.  They are so simple to make and are much more fun than cards :)

First thing you are going to need to do is cut your choice of paper, this isn't carstock, but you can totally use cardstock as well!  You want to cut your paper 4" x 3" It's about an inch long for each Kiss you want to hold, mine have only 3.

The next step would be to score it every inch.  Simple as that!  Then after that is done you are going to put red line tape on 2 folds, the 2nd and the last.

As you can see you want to put your Kisses down on the piece with tape that's not at the end.  The Red line tape holds them perfectly, you can also use Glue Dots.  Then you simply fold if over and add the final touches.  Here's an angle from the side so you can see how cute it canes out,


  1. These are fun! good to see you back :) I'd actually love to send you a Christmas Card, could you email me your address? or we could be facebook friends if you are on facebook...Have a great Christmas :)

  2. these are so cute Mindy! Definitely going to give these a try for next xmas, or maybe this valentines!! =)Tiffany
    Breakfast at Tiffany's