Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm Published :)

If any of you happened to pick up the Cricut Home Decor magazine, you might of stumbled across something!  I found out a few months ago that I was being published in this issue, the funny thing is that the pictures I took last minute of something that I had originally made for my art room and hadn't even posted on my blog before!  So needless to say that I was super excited!  I've submitted two things to be published, and both of them got picked!!  The next one I've got coming out is in April in the Create Idea Books: Spring Mini Albums!

Look there I am!!  The hardest part was trying to remember all the items that I used and the steps in doing so!  I didn't think you had to be that detailed when I originally submitted!  But when you get the form to send in with your items for photographing it's like 3 pages!

Here is the full shot of the banner!  I miss it!  It's been gone for like 6 months already!  I should get it back in a month or so!!  

 Here are the close up pictures!  Thank you for taking the time to check it out :) 


  1. wow that's amazing Mindy!!! your work is absolutely gorgeous, they made a great choice in choosing to publish you! Congrats =) Tiff

  2. CONGRATS! that is pretty exciting :) everything you do is AMAZING and publish worthy!

  3. Congratulations!!!! I am sooo happy for you!!!!!
    Stop by my blog tomorrow!!!!