Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy Weekend!!!

Hello!  I'm exhausted, sleepy and ready for bed, but I can't help but enjoy this peace & quiet!!!  This weekend was insane!  I had 2 large cupcake orders & 2 charity events along with my daughter's birthday party!  It's a good thing I was off work, or I would of gone mad!  I wanted to share with you a little of what I did this weekend!

 My bestie is in town and helped me make all the toppers, without her it would of been hard to get them all done!  

More of the display!  It was so hot out that my beautiful cake pops melted and fell off of the stick!  So I didn't get a picture of them!

The goodie bags!  Julia helped me with them, but I think the flags turned out cute for them!!

 And the very sunburnt birthday girl, I screened her up all day long!  She was in the pool from 9am-4pm!!  I wish she would let me cut her bangs!  She's growing them out!

 This is us celebrating her birthday and 2 other July babies birthday at the local women & children's shelter!  I feel it's important for her to appreciate all that she has in life and the blessings that we all have and the importance of giving back.  I think there is no better lesson in life.  We love spending time at the BOC.

A cupcake tower for a baby shower this weekend!  The cupcakes in the background was the invitation and I designed the 3 cupcakes to match the invite!

This was the cupcake plate for a very special one year old at the party!

This is the tower and cake that I did for last weekend's baby shower!  I told my husband that I hope I had no orders this week after last week, I need a break!! LOL!

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  1. Oh my!~ Thats was a lot to get done! I agree, A week of no orders is in need.