Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

I haven't been feeling all to great this week, I didn't get much accomplished, not even my scrap room got fully cleaned.  Apparently I've developed hypertension over the past year since my last surgery and I'm kind depressed about it.  I stepped down from being a store manager because the stress was getting to me, now it seems like with the stress I'm right back where I was last year, but now I've got panic attacks and hypertension.  great.  So my dr put me on basically a water pill for the hypertension to see if that will do the trick, but I'm concerned that it's secondary hypertension and is being caused by something else.  the paranoid worry wort that I am is now why I'm giving myself the panic attacks and all that other crap.  I turned 30 and now I'm paranoid about health issues, go figure... I just need to get over it!  My best friend is having a terrible time right now dealing with Thyroid Cancer and I'm worried about hypertension, in which I'm probably doing to myself with all the panic attacks!!  sigh... I feel somewhat better now :D  Isn't this layout the cutest :D  The paper is all Crate Paper Restoration and the flowers are prima.  Here's my best friend and I out last month, keep her in your prayers, she needs them!!


  1. Julia is the sweetest thing! Your layouts are incredible. Sorry you have been stressed out girl :(

  2. Love the layouts, and the new blog design! So glad I got to see you yesterday - thanks for the company. I'm saying a prayer for you AND Alicia! Hope to see you soon :)