Monday, October 11, 2010

Thrifty Vintage Find!

 I love going to thrift shops looking for fun stuff, well today I hit the motherload of vintage fun!  I picked up this awesome sewing box from the early 70's filled with great stuff!  After I picked out what I wanted this is what I ended up with!  All for $8!  How can you beat that???  I can't wait to incorporate some of this into my projects.  I also found a pair of vintage metal schoolhouse scissors, but I left them in the car, but they are just as cool.


  1. What a sweet find! I stalk our local thrift shop and their crafty stuff seems really high. (a small glass jar of buttons for $8 as an example). I love garage saling for crafty finds too! I found a grocery bag stuffed full of fun vintage ric-rak, ribbon and lace for $2!

  2. what a great find! and cute little box!

  3. I seriously need to go thrifting with you - you find great things! I don't know where to go around here - let's go soon!