Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life - Week One

My dear and sweet friend Amy and I have decided 1/2 way through the year, we want to start project life!  So here it is for my first week, I started off only with 1 page for the first week seeing that I hadn't saved much from the first week!  So I am looking forward to this project and I hope everyone checks back from time to time to see my progress :)


  1. happy dance going on over here! love my some project life...I am close to filling up my first album...I am thinking I will have to start a new one in july :) so excited to see you do this...I am catching up on a few weeks so I haven't posted Project life for a while, I hope to get all caught up later this week!

    have fun...I wish I had someone do to project life with...wish I could come do it with you :)

  2. Hi there~
    I have been thinking about trying PL for awhile now, just have not taken the plunge yet :)
    Happy Scrappin~Stacy

  3. Hey - that's ME! :) Love your first page and love you. Now, you'll have to excuse me so I can go work on mine....

  4. Hi there Mindy, had a great time visiting with you and Amy and the crew. I love this pl posting look forward to following your journey have a great weekend. xoxox Debi Rosenberg :)